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-Updated May 20, 1999-

You have found the web site for seventh wave, a Christian band located
in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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band standing around
(L to R) James, Jason, Clayton, and Dustin

band playing

Our first gig at the Soul Tatoo May 1/99 went well!
Since then, not much has happened, but we are currently
starting work on our first album, tentatively called "Movement of God"

seventh wave is:
Clayton Nunweiler - Rythym Guitar and Lead vocals
Jason Pringle - Bass Guitar and backing vocals
James Ong - Drums and backing vocals
Dustin Baerg - Lead Guitar
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here are some samples of our music in MP3 format (recorded live during practices):
Set Us Free (solo)
Follower (ending)
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Updated May 20, 1999
All music and material contained or represented on this web site are
copyright © 1999 By Dustin Baerg, Clayton Nunweiler, James Ong, and Jason Pringle, all rights reserved.