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Band Information

We are a new Christian band located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
and are currently working on developing some original material

we are based out of Jubilee Christian Centre, a church located in
downtown Calgary, at the base of the Calgary Tower.

seventh wave first came togther just recently in September 1998
and since then, we have managed to write about seven original songs

Band Members:
we are currently beginning work on our first album, which
will probably be called "Movement of God"
December 2, 1998 -- we did 2 songs for the livewire youth service at

Jubilee Christian Centre (To Save Your Soul, Movement of God)

February 13, 1999 -- we did 2 songs at a small church in Fernie BC
for the Jubilee Christian Centre Youth Ski Trip (Purpose, and To Save Your Soul)

May 1, 1999 -- seventhwave played their first real gig at the Soul Tattoo
in Calgary, AB. We played all seven of our songs!