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Comming soon:
All Samples are 8bits, mono, 22.1 KHz
Why are they in wave format? This way you can preview them directly from
your browser and they are still useable in Scream Tracker. If you are worried
about the extra size the wave header takes up (usually about 40-50 Bytes) You can load them
into a sound editor and save them in raw format, but I don't think the extra bytes
are worth putting up both wave and raw files on my server, using twice the space...

To save files to disk, right click on them and choose save link as
(Netscape... I'm not sure about Internet Explorer or others)

You'll notice that most of these are from an unknown source...
We started collecting these for ourselves a while ago, and didn't
keep track of 5the sources... From now on, we will try to determine
the source of all new samples added...
You may submit your own samples by emailing Dustin at
and sending your sample file as an attachment. This sample library will
be updated often, so please bookmark us now!!!

Size (Bytes) of file
120897w.zipComplete Zip file of all
samples as of 12/08/97
The MODZone 303,801
kickdrm2.wavA basic Kick Drumunknown 6,738
bassdrum.wavA basic Kick Drumunknown 3,124
bassdru2.wavA basic Kick Drumunknown 4,200
bassdru3.wavA basic Kick Drumunknown 1,284
snare12.wavSnare Drumunknown 4,122
snare2.wavSnare Drumunknown 4,624
snare3.wavSnare Drumunknown 4,534
hat1.wavHihatunknown 2,770
o-hihat.wavOpen Hihatunknown 8,598
c-hihat.wavClosed Hihatunknown 1,494
cymbal.wavCymbalunknown 9,096
stick.wavDrum SticksDustin Baerg 4,630
horn.wavLow Hornunknown 57,580
trumpet1.wavTrumpetunknown 16,672
hallbras.wavBright brass soundunknown 9,524
synbrass.wavSynthesized brassunknown 4,124
flute.wavFluteunknown 3,004
jungle1.wavJungle Attack Fluteunknown 24,202
jungle2.wavDifferent Jungle Fluteunknown 9,416
guitar.wavClean Electric Guitarunknown 19,196
dreamgui.wavSynthesized accoustic guitarunknown 18,666
synguit.wavSynthesized guitar?unknown 2,680
guitstr1.wavAccoustic Guitar Strumunknown 8,624
guitstr2.wavAccoustic Guitar Strumunknown 15,998
guitstr3.wavAccoustic Guitar Strumunknown 30,628
guitstr4.wavAccoustic Guitar Strumunknown 42,074
guitstr5.wavAccoustic Guitar Strumunknown 10,274
guitstr6.wavAccoustic Guitar Strumunknown 8,598
elecguit.wavDistortion Electric Guitarunknown 10,036
electgui.wavElectric Guitar Noteunknown 20,516
piano1.wavPianounknown 35,150
piano2.wavAnother Pianounknown 10,024
digdug.wavLow punchy soundunknown 3,224
stabs.wavLight ringing noteunknown 7,524
dumpbass.wavTight Bass soundunknown 7,794

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